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  1. The town is proud of Ramage, if less than intimate.
  2. Ramage was all of four years old when he moved away.
  3. Ramage says this kind of continuity may be passing from archaeology.
  4. Ramage, 52, said the house has served her well.
  5. Park defeated Diana Ramage 6 and 4 at Philadelphia Country Club.
  6. Baxter nurtured the stage careers of Alyson McInnes and John Ramage.
  7. Ramage began his career with Barnsley on loan in September 2013.
  8. Ramage used ivory and gold to create his elliptical shaped miniatures.
  9. However, it is unclear whether Ramage ever obtained a degree.
  10. Bruce Ramage, 76, a hospice volunteer, disagreed.
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