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रेडियो दिक् अंवेषण
रेडियो से दिशा निर्धारण
radio:    रेडियो वायरलेस
direction:    धारा डायरेक्शन
direction finding:    दिशा निर्धारण
finding:    जो कुछ ज्ञात किया
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  1. This includes HF contesting, Amateur Radio Direction Finding, and High Speed Telegraphy.
  2. This was to confuse enemy aircraft who might be navigating using radio direction finding.
  3. BFRA was the host organization for the 2006 Amateur Radio Direction Finding World Championships.
  4. Army Airborne Radio Direction Finding ( ARDF ) in South Vietnam was phased out.
  5. The bearing of the signal could be determined using Watt's radio direction finding techniques.
  6. Radio direction finding equipment was installed on several Coast Guard vessels in late 1930.
  7. These antennas are also used for radio direction finding.
  8. The secretary of the Tizard Committee, Radio Direction Finding.
  9. Walther Schwieger, through wireless intercepts and radio direction finding.
  10. Other flights may use an analog beacon and are tracked using radio direction finding techniques.
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