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  1. Yet she brought darker hues and radiant power to Rusalka's tormented moments.
  2. The corresponding fields and radiant power must also be zero.
  3. Radiant power is affecting the human nervous system.
  4. Grimes is seeing a slow weakening of the human physique, and he blames the radiant power industry.
  5. After the radiant power was reduced to 100 kilowatts, this fading was obsolete and the second mast superfluous.
  6. It is a process known as Radiant Heat Exchange, since Radiant Power & times; Time equals Radiant Energy.
  7. In modern photometry, the radiant power at each wavelength is weighted by a luminosity function that models human brightness sensitivity.
  8. The director sought to manifest the effect by showing the Sun's awesome, radiant power influencing the psyches of the ship's crew.
  9. It is the presence of God's splendid glory and love that is the scourge of those who reject its radiant power and light.
  10. Also, a real CFL probably has a lower LER than the best-case estimate above, and so emits more radiant power to produce the same luminous flux.

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