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  1. Joseph Rabot, 26, claimed he was the victim of injustice.
  2. They attacked on April 22nd at Fond Doux and Rabot.
  3. Brought to Ligmanan, the corpse of Rabot was horrible to behold.
  4. Rabot said he was born in Abako, Nassau.
  5. Marie-Christine Rabot, head of communications at the Paris Tourism Office, said Monday.
  6. The hotel sits on the Rabot Estate which is perched high up between the Piton mountains.
  7. The names were later changed to the Lachman Crags, Herbert Sound, and Rabot members.
  8. Poulin had raped and stabbed 17-year-old Kim Rabot to death prior to the incident.
  9. The Rabot Estate is part of Hotel Chocolat s'Engaged Ethics'Cocoa Programme ( HCCAPEE ).
  10. Many of the old estates are still there such as Soufri�re Estate, Fond Doux Estate and Rabot Estate.

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