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  1. Demand proof both of rabidity and weaselhood.
  2. Take it from somebody who has affinity for both regions, the rabidity is far greater in the Commonwealth.
  3. Hence, everybody's eyeing one another with the rabidity of conspiracy theorists; everybody's suspect.
  4. Take it from somebody who has affinity for both regions, the rabidity is far greater in the commonwealth of Kentucky.
  5. They like to go to Nebraska, go to Texas Tech, see the rabidity of fans, see the national importance of college football.
  6. His most amazing feat, of course, has been instilling in millions of children the joy of reading, an enthusiasm that challenges the levels of rabidity that some kids have for Pokemon or " Star Wars ."
  7. Even more fortunate for Fox is the type of television rabidity in the Boston market : 70 percent of those tuned to televisions in the center of Red Sox Nation were watching Game 6 ( compared with 44 percent among New Yorkers ).
  8. Mad hounds and tennis nuts go out on such dog day 98-degree afternoons, and they were all there in the grandstands, passing their rabidity on to this seemingly found-and-lost doubles amalgamation Sampras and O'Brien.
  9. So splendid were the voices in this less than satisfying opera that one almost came to understand the rabidity of opera-singer cults, the loud and semihysterical bands of followers that attach themselves to individuals and relegate the operas being sung to a peripheral status.
  10. When today's rabidity becomes tomorrow's laxity, then, as author Bernard Lefkowitz frighteningly details in his new book, " Our Guys, " ( University of California Press ), it is time to hide the women and less athletically inclined children upon first sight of the newly formed Jock Elite.
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  1. unrestrained excitement or enthusiasm; "poetry is a sort of divine madness"

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