rabbit flea meaning in Hindi

rabbit flea sentence in Hindi

शशक पिंशु
शशक पिस्सु
rabbit:    खरहा शशक ख़रगोश
flea:    पीस्सू
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  1. Flies, rabbit fleas, and mosquitoes can also spread the virus between rabbits.
  2. Both the guillemot tick " Ixodes uriae " and the flea " Ornithopsylla laetitiae " ( probably originally a rabbit flea ) have been recorded from the nests of puffins.
  3. Adult female rabbit fleas, " Spilopsyllus cuniculi ", can detect the changing levels of cortisol and corticosterone hormones in the rabbit's blood that indicate it is getting close to giving birth.
  4. Other fleas which have been found on the birds include " Ceratophyllus borealis ", " Ceratophyllus gallinae ", " Ceratophyllus garei ", " Ceratophyllus vagabunda " and the common rabbit flea " Spilopsyllus cuniculi ".

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