quiver meaning in Hindi

[ 'kwivə ] sound:
quiver sentence in Hindi
• झपक
• झुरझुरी
• तरकश
• तूणीर
• निषंग
• कंपन

• तरकस
• भाथा
• काँपना
• कांपना
• हिलना
• फड़कना
• व्याकुल होना
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  1. Quiver when incorrect username/password entered
    गलत उपयोक्तानाम /शब्दकूट देने पर थरथराता है (v)
  2. He did not even notice her eyelashes begin to quiver .
    कब उसकी पलकें धीरे - धीरे हिलने लगीं , उसे पता नहीं चला ।
  3. Quiver. favourite poartle in Hindi
    तरकश - हिन्दी का लोकप्रिय पोर्टल
  4. Thus did the rain patter and the leaves quiver again and again , the livelong day in my consciousness . ”
    इस तरह यह वर्षा बार बार होती रही और पत्ते बार बार और निरंतर हिलते रहे , और मेरी चेतना में यह एक अविस्मरणीय दिन बन गया . ”
  5. The dangers of exposure to mercury were reported during the nineteenth century when hat-makers were found developing peculiar symptoms of quiver and slurring of speech which gave rise to the phrase ' mad as a hatter ' .
    पारे के प्रभाव के खतरे के संबंध में उन्नीसवीं शताब्दी में सबसे पहले उस समय पता चला जब हैट बनाने वालों में आवाज की कंपकंपाहट तथा अस्पष्ट उच्चारण जैसे अजीब लक्षण दिखाई दिए .
  6. The third debate concerns the appropriate response. The Islamist-Left-multicultural crowd finds the solution in partnership with Muslims, together with an emphasis on civil rights, due process, lack of discrimination, goodwill, and avoiding a backlash. The responsible Right agrees with these goals but views them as ancillary to the full quiver of military and law enforcement methods, such as intelligence gathering, arrests, long detentions, renditions, deportation, prosecution, and incarceration.
    लेकिन 4,600 शब्दों की यह अत्यन्त घटिया ढंग से लिखी गयी असंगठित व्हाइट हाउस रिपोर्ट अत्यंत आडम्बरपूर्ण तौर पर इन तीन बहसों में इस्लामवादी , वामपंथी और बहुसंस्कृतिवादियों के पक्ष की वकालत करती है।
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  1. the act of vibrating
    synonyms:vibration, quivering
  2. case for holding arrows
  3. an almost pleasurable sensation of fright; "a frisson of surprise shot through him"
    synonyms:frisson, shiver, chill, shudder, thrill, tingle
  4. a shaky motion; "the shaking of his fingers as he lit his pipe"
    synonyms:shaking, shakiness, trembling, quivering, vibration, palpitation
  1. move back and forth very rapidly; "the candle flickered"
    synonyms:flicker, waver, flitter, flutter
  2. move with or as if with a regular alternating motion; "the city pulsated with music and excitement"
    synonyms:pulsate, beat
  3. shake with fast, tremulous movements; "His nostrils palpitated"
    synonyms:quake, palpitate

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