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शांत विद्युत धारा
quiescent:    निश्चेष्ट
current:    विद्युत प्रवाह
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  1. However, the 78xx devices'quiescent current is substantially higher and less stable.
  2. The series pass element, topologies, and ambient temperature are the primary contributors to quiescent current.
  3. Quiescent current is current drawn by the LDO in order to control its internal circuitry for proper operation.
  4. So, due to the negative feedback, the quiescent current depends only slightly on the transistor's ?.
  5. However, a different input that attempts to set the signal to 0 will show a large increase in quiescent current, signalling a bad part.
  6. In this idle state the LDO still draws a small amount of quiescent current in order to keep the internal circuitry ready in case a load presented.
  7. They provide the majority of the current amplification ( while consuming low quiescent current ) and directly drive the load, connected via DC-blocking capacitor C2.
  8. The Holtek regulators have a quiescent current of < 5 �A ( approximately 1000 times less than the LM78xx series ) making them better suited for battery-powered devices.
  9. The Buck PMIC for solar and vibrations energy harvesting MB39C811regulates output voltage with the quiescent current of 1.5�A . The Boost PMIC for solar and thermal energy harvesting MB39C831.
  10. In contrast to the traditional Darlington configuration, quiescent current is much more stable with respect to changes in the temperature of the higher power output transistors vs the lower power drivers.
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