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शांत कोशिका
quiescent:    निश्चेष्ट
cell:    बिल कुटीर बैटरी
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  1. Current drugs cannot eradicate the virus from these quiescent cells.
  2. In REF52 cells, overexpression of activator E2F1 is able to push quiescent cells into S phase.
  3. The DREAM complex exists in quiescent cells in association with MuvB ( consisting of HDAC1 or HDAC2, LIN52 and L3mbtl1, L3mbtl3 or L3mbtl4 ) where it represses cell cycle-dependent genes.
  4. In such an automaton, one can define a configuration to be " finite " if it has only finitely many non-quiescent cells, and one can consider the class of automata for which every finite configuration has at least one finite predecessor.
  5. He is also known for posing the firing squad synchronization problem of designing an automaton that, starting from a single non-quiescent cell, evolves to a configuration in which all cells reach the same non-quiescent state at the same time; this problem was again solved by Moore.

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