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  1. No quiescing of activity of any kind is required with streamed backups.
  2. Data transfer may be temporarily suspended by using the "'QUIESCE "'method.
  3. Shadow copy backups are dramatically faster because the copy is virtually made after a brief period of quiescing an application.
  4. This, in turn, will quiesce the new traffic over the connection, leaving only the retransmissions and acknowledgments.
  5. If all else fails, another solution is to quiesce the operation of all components during the hot-swap operation.
  6. Optimistic replication does away with this in favor of eventual consistency, meaning that replicas are guaranteed to converge only when the system has been quiesced for a period of time.
  7. An effective way to back up live data is to temporarily quiesce them ( e . g . close all files ), take a snapshot, and then resume live operations.
  8. For an application to be quiesced during the shadow copy process, it must register itself as a writer and it is responsible for putting itself into a quiescent mode upon notification.
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  1. become quiet or quieter; "The audience fell silent when the speaker entered"
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