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  1. Unaccompanied ladies could dance the samba and quickstep with gentlemen hosts.
  2. But we feel at ease with the quickstep which is next.
  3. His professional partner was Kristina Rihanoff and they danced the Quickstep.
  4. The dances they performed on the night were Quickstep and Showdance.
  5. They won the A Grade aggregate for the quickstep and selection.
  6. Doing the quickstep or the silver samba was out of the question.
  7. Body contact is often employed in tango, Viennese waltz and quickstep.
  8. The dances performed included the waltz, quickstep, jive.
  9. They did not get their chance to show their Quickstep.
  10. Magdalena Walach scored 35 points for her Quickstep and won the episode.
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  1. a ballroom dance with both quick and slow steps
  2. military march accompanying quick time
  1. perform a quickstep

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