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  1. In 1980, Quern became Thompson's chief of staff.
  2. Querns were widely used in grinding metals ores after mining extraction.
  3. Eventually, Glynn does hire a black man named Martin Querns.
  4. Have you ever ground grain to flour using a saddle quern?
  5. Other evidence of neolithic occupation included pottery, querns and charred grain.
  6. A large quern was discovered on the Lough Scur crannog in Ireland.
  7. Querns of this calcareous sandstone have been found at Viroconium.
  8. In 2002, Westonbirt acquired Querns School to become its preparatory department.
  9. In olden days, grain was ground on manually operated rotary querns.
  10. Built into the hearth is a broken quern-stone.
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  1. a primitive stone mill for grinding corn by hand

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