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• क्‍वार्टरमास्टर जनरल
quartermaster:    सेना या फौज का
general:    अविशेषक जनरल
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  1. In 1817 Menshikov was appointed acting Quartermaster general of the General Staff.
  2. He served at first in the Quartermaster General's Branch at Army Headquarters.
  3. He was promoted Deputy-Assistant Quartermaster General for military intelligence at Army Headquarters.
  4. He served at Quartermaster General of the U . S . Army.
  5. The Quartermaster General and the Secretary of War approved Commerford's request shortly thereafter.
  6. In 1880, Bryant became Quartermaster General of the then-Wisconsin National Guard.
  7. In 1836, President Andrew Jackson detached him from his title as Quartermaster General.
  8. Quartermaster General Montgomery C . Meigs designed the structure, which opened in 1874.
  9. From 1941 to 1943 he was the Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General.
  10. He was appointed quartermaster general of the constitutional convention in 1845.
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  1. a staff officer in charge of supplies for a whole army

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