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  1. Other plots are used for one categorical and one quantitative variables
  2. Quantitative variables used in mixed methods often focus on process over product.
  3. Dummy variables are incorporated in the same way as quantitative variables are included ( as explanatory variables ) in regression models.
  4. A "'generalized scatterplot matrix "'offers a range of displays of paired combinations of categorical and quantitative variables.
  5. The data include K quantitative variables { k = 1, K } and Q qualitative variables { q = 1, Q }.
  6. Roughly, we can say that FAMD works as a principal components analysis ( PCA ) for quantitative variables and as a multiple correspondence analysis ( MCA ) for qualitative variables.
  7. The core of MFA is based on a factorial analysis ( PCA in the case of quantitative variables, MCA in the case of qualitative variables ) in which the variables are weighted.
  8. When the active variables are mixed, the usual practice is to perform discretization on the quantitative variables ( e . g . usually in surveys the age is transformed in age classes ).
  9. A "'radar chart "'is a multivariate data in the form of a two-dimensional chart of three or more quantitative variables represented on axes starting from the same point.
  10. The binary factor " A " and the quantitative variable " X " interact ( are non-additive ) when analyzed with respect to the outcome variable " Y ".

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