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  1. Geographers are making notable contributions to the method of quantitative techniques.
  2. The Feulgen reaction is a semi-quantitative technique.
  3. Millay is developing quantitative techniques that Fernwood will use to build its art portfolio.
  4. The " new " social history of the 1960s introduced demographic and quantitative techniques.
  5. Mathematician John Kellermeier posits mathematics as quantitative techniques which humans developed as a survival response.
  6. Carl Pulfrich was employed to develop stereoscopy from being pure entertainment to a powerful quantitative technique.
  7. Fidelity and PanAgora Asset Management, both located in Boston, run some mutual funds that use quantitative techniques.
  8. As with any statistical model, the fit should be subjected to graphical and quantitative techniques of model validation.
  9. Quantitative techniques that use Monte-Carlo simulation with the Gaussian copula and well-specified marginal distributions are effective.
  10. Growth in areas we consider key to our strategy _ global, quantitative techniques and specialized trading _ have been dramatic,

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