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  1. All volunteers recovered from Q fever with no adverse aftereffects.
  2. Looking weak, he said unidentified airplanes had sprayed his Australian compound with Q fever.
  3. Q fever, which causes aches, nausea and fevers, can be treated and cured with antibiotics.
  4. It is transmitted to humans causing Q fever by inhalation of aerosols of these materials.
  5. Retinal vasculitis is a rare manifestation of Q fever.
  6. Brucellosis, tularemia, Q fever, Venezuelan equine encephalitis and food poisoning were developed as war tools.
  7. Back at the hospital, treatment for presumed Q fever helps the husband but not the wife.
  8. Other spillover infections include types of malaria, Q fever, hantavirus, E . coli 0157, and Legionnaires'disease.
  9. Q fever in pregnancy is especially difficult to treat because doxycycline and ciprofloxacin are contraindicated in pregnancy.
  10. In 2001, Australia introduced a national Q fever vaccination program for people working in  at risk occupations.

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