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  1. Her first book to appear in the United States was " The Pythoness and Other Poems " in 1952.
  2. Lyla Clay is a " pythoness, " a young woman capable of metabolising certain psychedelic drugs to enter a trance in which she makes unconscious predictions.
  3. The peasant-woman's face was terrible; her piercing black eyes had the glare of the tiger's; her face was like that we ascribe to a pythoness; she set her teeth to keep them from chattering, and her whole frame quivered convulsively.
  4. Krok and his wife, Niva ( literally " Lea, Mead " ) had three daughters : the eldest daughter, Kazi, knew every herbaceous plant and was a healer, a pythoness and Fate; their second daughter, Teta, taught Bohemians how to worship their deities, idols, and nymphs; the youngest daughter, Libuae, was a prophetess.
  5. The " sexual personae " of Paglia's title include the female vampire ( Medusa, Lauren Bacall ); the pythoness ( the Delphic Oracle, Gracie Allen ); the beautiful boy ( Hadrian's Antinous, Dorian Gray ); the epicene man of beauty ( Byron, Elvis Presley ); and the male heroine ( the passive male sufferer, for example, the old men in William Wordsworth's poetry ).
  6. WITH : Alyssa Bresnahan ( Thetis, Cassandra and Pythoness ), Alan Dobie ( Odysseus and Calchas ), Greg Hicks ( Agamemnon, Priam and Menelaus ), Annalee Jefferies ( Clytemnestra, Andromache, Ilione and Helen ), Ann Mitchell ( Hecuba, Nurse and Aethra ), Robert Petkoff ( Achilles, Aegisthus, Neoptolemus and Orestes ), David Ryall ( Poet, Tyndareus, Peleus, Telephus, Palamedes and Polymestor ) and Mia Yoo ( Leda Deidamia, Electra, Hermione, Iphigenia and Polyxena ).
  7. :" The strong-doored, foursquare fortress of glass, manned by its dumb, ghostly sentinels, spun round in never-ceasing revolution, so that few could find its entrance; it was pitch-dark save for the twilight made by the lamp burning before its circling gate; feasting went on there, and revelry, and in its centre, choicest of its many riches, was the pearl-rimmed cauldron of poetry and inspiration, kept bubbling by the breaths of nine British pythonesses, so that it might give forth its oracles ."


  1. a witch with powers of divination

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