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  1. The surroundings are the renowned puszta, the " glorious plain ".
  2. Puszta is exploited by sheep and cattle raising.
  3. It is half a mile from Puszta Foedemes.
  4. Zimandu Nou ( Zimandujfalu in Hungarian ) was founded in 1853 on the Zimand puszta.
  5. It is recorded again in 1717 and 1720, but again as " puszta ".
  6. The great flocks of birds that can be seen during the autumn migration season at Hungarian puszta.
  7. The word " Puszta " means " plains ", a vast wilderness of shrubs and grassland.
  8. From the Middle Ages until well into the 19th century, the Puszta was the home of massive herds of cattle.
  9. Only six families remained in B�nk�t puszta, the settlement being practically dismantled and depopulated for quite a number of years.
  10. In remembrance of her homeland, the well was built in the style of those typically seen in the Puszta region.
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