pussyfoots meaning in Hindi

pussyfoots sentence in Hindi
अधिक चौकन्ना रहना
सतर्कता से कहना
अधिक चौकन्ना रहना
चोरी-छिपे जाना
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  1. John Mulligan " She doesn't pussyfoot ."
  2. Dagoberto Gilb can't stand people who pussyfoot around.
  3. Ruthling is a man who doesn't pussyfoot around.
  4. It features Claude Cat and Pussyfoot caught in the middle.
  5. Say this for the old days : Prosecutors didn't pussyfoot around.
  6. And so had the wondrously named Pussyfoot Detective Agency.
  7. The movie pussyfoots around Shane's rapid ascent.
  8. By Frum's account, only Powell wanted to pussyfoot with terrorism.
  9. But eventually Bert and Pussyfoot got their man.
  10. I won't pussyfoot around the word.
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