pullovers meaning in Hindi

pullovers sentence in Hindi
• पुलोवर
• किनारे कर लेना
• स्वेटर
• किनारे कर लेना
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  1. It's not like wearing the polyester pullovers ."
  2. Hammond was wearing a pukey peach polo pullover at the time.
  3. I can whip up a winter woodland scene on a pullover.
  4. Maybe you can only sell so many backbpacks and Polartec pullovers,
  5. Courtney seemed to prefer dress suits to pullover shirts and slacks.
  6. His jacquard-flowered pullovers and pleated print skirts were fun.
  7. Only thirteen episodes of " Pullover " were produced.
  8. They can be demure twin sets or very short and skimpy pullovers.
  9. A twin set ( short-sleeve cardigan over matching pullover ).
  10. We need more size-small yellow pullovers in boys.
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