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• आरामदेय रेल डिब्बा
• पुलमैन कार
pullman:    पुलमैन
car:    लटकन छकड़ा लिफ़्ट
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  1. The year 1931 yielded three short plays _ " Pullman Car Hiawatha,"
  2. The Pullman Car Company build an entire model town, Pullman, Illinois.
  3. Under second president Robert Todd Lincoln, Pullman cars were converted to all-steel construction.
  4. Her Majesty travelled with the Pullman car No . 310 " Pegasus ".
  5. Railway employees began to refuse to handle trains pulling Pullman cars.
  6. Interior of a Pullman car on the Chicago and Alton Railroad, c . 1900.
  7. On June 26, all Pullman cars were cut from trains.
  8. These sleeping alcoves are arrayed single file, like Pullman cars.
  9. A railroad could be confident that many Pullman cars were interchangeable with each other.
  10. The restored Pullman cars date to the 1940s, the diesel locomotives to the 1950s.
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