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  1. Will he be able to finger the concealed string-puller?
  2. Pick up dent-puller and small 20-pound weight.
  3. "Don't forget a shingle puller ."
  4. I was the best damn curtain-puller they ever had.
  5. President Boris Yeltsin is a hostage to these string-pullers,
  6. The dead were poor workers or rickshaw pullers, Verma said.
  7. Puller feeds are seldom built directly into the basic sewing machine.
  8. They worked as blacksmiths, railroad laborers, and rickshaw pullers.
  9. He is also a good hooker and puller of the ball.
  10. Each team has 20 Pullers who each have their own Moralers.
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  1. someone who pulls or tugs or drags in an effort to move something
  2. someone who applies force so as to cause motion toward herself or himself

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