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  1. He was public spirited and took an active interest in agricultural questions.
  2. The hero, Anand, is brilliant, incorruptible, public spirited, while his antagonists are venal.
  3. Mr Endicott's disinterested and public spirited services have made the country his debtor.
  4. Edo writers aspired to samurai culture, and saw themselves as poor but generous, chaste, and public spirited.
  5. He was intellectually inclined and public spirited, with an interest in Enlightenment principals as they applied to politics.
  6. Cy Thomson was one of the most public spirited citizens in Austin during the years immediately preceding 1921.
  7. They are a well-educated lot, modest, public spirited, committed to preserving the environment and intensely proud of their ethnic heritage.
  8. They're also public spirited.
  9. Cotton, with an assist from this public spirited pillar, has done his best to undo the damage caused by the hogwash.
  10. He was liberal and public spirited, and actively interested in founding and sustaining religious and educational institutions in Illinois and Missouri.

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