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• जघन क्षेत्र
pubic:    जघनास्थि
region:    क्षेत्र खण्ड जिला
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  1. Preparing for the date, Zack ends up shaving Matt's pubic region for him.
  2. One branch sets off anteriorly to the groin or pubic region.
  3. Both females and males have an extra pair of teats in the pubic region.
  4. Kobelt is remembered for his studies in Dissection of the pubic region with clitoris.
  5. They also had their heads and pubic regions shaved.
  6. In Chinese opera, breath is based in the pubic region and supported by the abdominal muscles.
  7. In addition to his arm, part of his chest, his feet and his pubic region are missing.
  8. The lice we slangily refer to as " crabs " are mostly confined to the pubic region.
  9. Modern women's swimsuits are generally skintight, covering the pubic region and the breasts ( See bikini ).
  10. They have shown them with leashes attached to their pubic regions, and with vermin crawling over their bodies.
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  1. the lower part of the abdomen just above the external genital organs

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