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रक्षण मान
protective:    बचाव गश्त बचाव
value:    अहमियत मान्यताएँ
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  1. When severe, the bubbling destroys the protective value of the caulk.
  2. Consequently, it has protective value for thousands of homes that adjoin the river.
  3. Misuse may diminish their protective value and undermine the effectiveness of humanitarian workers.
  4. The protective value of mangrove swamps is sometimes overstated.
  5. A recent study suggests that the hormone prostaglandin, secreted by the uterus, may also have protective value.
  6. However, mangrove swamps'protective value is sometimes overstated.
  7. The dialogue has also included debate about the protective value of helmets and the quality of the ice surfaces.
  8. The relative interface defeat component of the protective value of a ceramic is much larger than for steel armour.
  9. These occupational exposure limits are protective values, given the IDLH concentration is set at 1500 mg / m 3.
  10. They were shaped like truncated cones which matched the trajectories of descending shells and thus lessened their protective value.
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