production assistant meaning in Hindi

production assistant sentence in Hindi

उत्पादन सहायक
प्रस्तुति सहायक
production:    उत्पाद उत्पादन
assistant:    सहायक नायब
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  1. Career-building production assistants navigating a busy backlot with a cup of coffee.
  2. "They could've gotten a production assistant to sit there, " he says.
  3. She was also active as a production assistant to the Zwan project.
  4. At the time I was working as a production assistant on films.
  5. Our makeup van was carried by a production assistant in her handbag.
  6. Harrick's son, Glenn, is a production assistant at the Sunset Boulevard studio.
  7. Before he can elaborate, however, a production assistant rushes onto the set.
  8. Napoli was a production assistant on the show and Murray was Johnson's chauffeur.
  9. During that time, Tillman supported himself by being a production assistant.
  10. She landed a job a production assistant on the Cosby Show.
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