product specification meaning in Hindi

product specification sentence in Hindi

उत्पाद विनिर्देश
product:    उत्पाद उत्पादन
specification:    ब्यौरा विनिर्देश
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  1. If everything is ok, google for the data sheet or product specification.
  2. This is not an encyclopedia article, but a " product specification page ".
  3. The product specification number S-101 has been assigned to the ENC.
  4. Fungible shipments are products commingled with other quantities of the same product specifications.
  5. Those required to describe product specifications and business concepts are many and complicated.
  6. They are uncontrollable, unpredictable and cause the uncertainty satisfaction of the required product specifications.
  7. As mentioned previously, product specifications can sometimes be misleading, confusing or incorrect values stated.
  8. A product specification does not necessarily prove a product to be correct or useful.
  9. Instead of focusing on product specifications, stress applications and impact on businesses and consumers.
  10. So, the required product specifications will be always satisfied.
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