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उत्पाद अनुसंधान
product:    उत्पाद उत्पादन
research:    अन्वेषण खोज तलाश
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  1. Freshtel R & D undertakes all of Freshtel's product research and development.
  2. AVX continued to grow through new product research and buying other companies.
  3. The Forest Products Research Laboratories were set up initially at the fungi.
  4. With Digital PIC ready for testing, several cuts were in product research.
  5. The staff and owners make regular visits to Mexico City for product research.
  6. In 1927, she became a research chemist for the Animal Products Research Foundation.
  7. Also, major metallurgical complexes had internal research facilities for new-product research.
  8. Today it is a branch laboratory of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute.
  9. It has been rigorously buying back shares and pumping money into new product research.
  10. That initial cash infusion enabled the Kosses to do some nutritional and product research.
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  1. marketing research that yields information about desired characteristics of the product or service

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