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  1. It used a print barrel made up of 120 print wheels each with 50 characters around its edge.
  2. The IBM 1132 printer relied on the 1130 processor rather than internal logic to determine when to fire the print wheels as they rotated.
  3. As the set of 120 print wheels spun, the 1130 received an interrupt as each of the possible 48 characters was about to move into position.
  4. The printing driver software had to quickly output a 120 bit vector designating which transistors were to fire so as to drive the print wheel against the ribbon and paper.
  5. At first the company distributed computer supplies and accessories such as print wheels, printer ribbons and cables, all packaged under the Smart and Friendly label because Solomon didn't believe in selling generic products.
  6. The magnet released a lever that engaged a cam with a spinning clutch shaft . The engaged cam then made one revolution, pushing its print wheel toward the ribbon and paper, thereby printing one character.
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