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प्रधान फोकस
prime:    आरंभ सबेरा जवानी
focus:    नाभि देखने योग्य
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  1. When working at the prime focus, a Ross coma corrector is used.
  2. A development of some mixed uses, retail, is certainly the prime focus,
  3. India is prime focus here, so both PM and Governor-General have been mentioned.
  4. Safety of remanufactured electrical equipment is a prime focus of PEARL.
  5. Under Constantine's rule, Christianity became the prime focus of official patronage.
  6. So water is a prime focus of the delegates in Johannesburg.
  7. Basketball has been my prime focus and the main intention in my life,
  8. Her order, Nipponzan Myohoji, has one prime focus : to walk.
  9. On August 1, Richa101091 created a draft article Draft : Prime Focus Technologies.
  10. "" The prime focus falls on Sylvie's bright-eyed schoolgirl sister Lorna.
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