prime factorization meaning in Hindi

prime factorization sentence in Hindi

रूढ गुणनखण्ड
prime:    आरंभ सबेरा जवानी
factorization:    गुणखण्ड क्रिया
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  1. First, find the prime factorizations of the two numbers:
  2. Find the prime factorization of each of the two numbers.
  3. It is used in some proofs of the uniqueness of prime factorizations.
  4. The prime factorization of 666 is 2 " 3 2 " 37.
  5. I have a number'n'and know its prime factorization.
  6. :I don't see anything remarkable about the prime factorization.
  7. It is used for reducing uniqueness of prime factorizations.
  8. Public Key Cryptography using prime factorization is now part of nearly every internet transaction.
  9. :One of the " conceptually " most simple is prime factorization.
  10. This agrees with the gcd ( 1071, 462 ) found by prime factorization above.
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