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primate:    प्रथम रहनुमा बड़ा
city:    शासन सरकार सिटी
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  1. It is also the capital and primate city of the Western Cape province.
  2. In addition many multinational corporations are headquartered in many alpha and primate cities.
  3. Dominant conurbations are quite often primate cities, but do not have to be.
  4. Many of the primate cities are increasing their percentage of their country's population.
  5. The history of these countries play a large role in the persistence of their primate city.
  6. However, Berlin was considered a primate city of Germany in the years 1871-1945.
  7. It is also the economic and business centre of the country, and is a primate city.
  8. He cites the simple fact that most primate cities serving as national capitals contain major headquarters for the country.
  9. Examples of primate cities include Paris in France, London in the United Kingdom, and Tokyo in Japan.
  10. Fong's examination of the primate city during the 2010 " Red Shirts " uprising in Thailand was notable.
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