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प्रेस सूचना
press:    दीवारी अल्मारी
notice:    तलबी देख-भाल सूचना
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  1. The lab received national press notice in 1930 and shortly thereafter closed.
  2. There's kinda-sorta-maybe enough press notice to qualify this article to exists.
  3. Banjo music played, soap bubbles drifted _ and the press noticed.
  4. Caught up with some of the press notices from Sadler's Wells.
  5. Later a press notice described Max as the Cheeky Chappie, and the nickname stuck.
  6. The library did not send out the usual press notices that Morris would appear.
  7. The Report was published on 24 / 09 / 2013 with a Press Notice.
  8. In an accompanying Press Notice Sir Michael announced that his short term recommendations included:
  9. It was hubris to believe our own press notices.
  10. My press notices have been very kind : ` elegance, taste, intelligence, technique'and so on.
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