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[ pri'pɛəd ] sound:
prepared sentence in Hindi
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  1. are you prepared to shift your instinctive current judgement
    तो क्या आप तैयार हैं इन समस्याओं से जुड़े आपके
  2. I am prepared to stand by consequences of my act .
    अपने कर्म के नतीजों को भुगतने के लिए मैं तैयार हूं .
  3. Published by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions and the National Assembly for Wales.
    Prepared by Department of the Environment and the Welsh Office.
  4. None of the survivors were prepared to talk .
    पर ऐसा कोई भी व्यैक्त बात करने को तैयार नहीं था .
  5. Toddy prepared from coconut is drunk on several occasions and now .
    नारियल से बनाई गई ताड़ी कई अवसरों पर पी जाती है .
  6. He said that he was prepared to face the consequences any time .
    उसने कहा कि वह किसी भी समय परिणाम भुगतने को तैयार है .
  7. The labels on prepared foods and drinks you buy show their sugar content.
    मुझे इस का पता कैसे चलेगा खाने में कितनी शक्कर है ?
  8. They were prepared to give everything for the cause of India 's freedom .
    वे भारत की आजादी के लिए सब कुछ अर्पण करने को उद्यत थे .
  9. She made no move to stop him when he got up and prepared to leave , his face set .
    जब वह जाने लगा तो उसने उसे रोकने की चेष्टा नहीं की ।
  10. Before this whitewashing of Hamas proceeds, it bears noting that the organization has not just murdered over four hundred Israelis but also prepared itself for war with America.
    हमास बनाम अमेरिका
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  1. made ready or fit or suitable beforehand; "a prepared statement"; "be prepared for emergencies"
  1. equipped or prepared with necessary intellectual resources; "graduates well equipped to handle such problems"; "equipped to be a scholar"
  2. having made preparations; "prepared to take risks"
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