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[ pri(:)'eminəns ] sound:
preeminence sentence in Hindi
• उत्कर्ष
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  1. These companies have risen to preeminence by concentrating on single markets.
  2. His own ministerial preeminence was challenged by Sillery from 1614 onwards.
  3. A golfer must accept the preeminence of the short game.
  4. Opponents said the president has constitutional preeminence over foreign affairs.
  5. He brought the NFL to the preeminence that the game holds today.
  6. Alas, Chicago's preeminence in the futures industry is disappearing.
  7. It is currently redirected to Bush administration doctrine of military preeminence
  8. The discovery of insulin ended Allen's preeminence in diabetes treatment.
  9. It was as a novelist, that Kalich Beg established his preeminence.
  10. Clemens appears to be regaining his role of preeminence on the pitching staff.
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  1. high status importance owing to marked superiority; "a scholar of great eminence"
    synonyms:eminence, distinction, note

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