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[ prɔ:n ] sound:
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  1. Mini-burgers are out, and sauteed prawns are in.
  2. Also available are " prawn flavour maize snacks ."
  3. _Herb Rice ( recipe comes after one for Grilled Prawns)
  4. Open another Foster's and pass the prawns, mate.
  5. Twist the heads off the prawns, then shell and devein.
  6. Shrimp / prawns ( wild-caught, international or farmed)
  7. Many prawn farmers could not see a future in the business.
  8. Telaga Air prawn farms closed, fixtures destroyed, NEW STRAITS TIMES
  9. Prawn farm to reopen after security assurance, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  10. Now the price for large prawns is nearly Bt500 per kilogramme.


  1. shrimp-like decapod crustacean having two pairs of pincers; most are edible
  2. any of various edible decapod crustaceans
  1. fish for prawns

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