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• प्रमदा
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  1. Pramada is certainly the root cause of downfall, decay and death.
  2. They had four children-Suhashan, Bhawanthi, Nalaka and Pramada.
  3. In Jainism, s Sarvarthasiddhi  Pramada connotes passion.
  4. Adhyatma Upanishad 14 terms Pramada as death itself, therefore, forgetfulness is death.
  5. Pran Nath Roy and Pramada Nath Roy were some of the important zamindars of Dighapatia.
  6. Sankaracharya, explain the Advaita Vedanta, s concept of the Sanskrit expression, Pramada.
  7. There are fifteen kinds of indolence or Pramada which can over-power the human-mind.
  8. During the reign of this Manu, the sons of Vashista, headed by Pramada, became the seven saintly persons.
  9. She played the role of Pramada in Tagore's dance drama Mayar Khela which was directed by the composer himself.
  10. For a man of discrimination and in deep concentration on Brahman, there is no other death than Pramada or inadvertence.
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