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[ ˌpɔpju'leiʃən ] sound:
population sentence in Hindi
• जन समुदाय
• घनी आबादी वाला
• आबादी
• जन
• जनता
• जनसंख्या
• निवासी
• बस्ती
• लोग
• जन संख्या

• अत्यधिक आबादी
• जीवसंख्या
• समष्टि
• समष्‍टि
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  1. The prime cause of pollution is the growing population .
    प्रदूषण का सबसे प्रमुख कारण है बढ़ती हुई आबादी .
  2. 53% of Agra's population were men and 47% were women.
    आगरा की जनसंख्या का ५३% पुरूष और ४७% महिलाएँ हैं।
  3. More population growth
    ऊँचा जनसंख्या वृद्धि (population growth) दरें (इतनी-युवाओं bulges कहलाता है)
  4. 53% of Agra's population is male & 47% are females.
    आगरा की जनसंख्या का ५३% पुरूष और ४७% महिलाएँ हैं।
  5. In this population approximately 95% are Sunni and 15% are Shiya.
    इन्में से लगभग ८५% सुन्नी और लगभग १५% शिया हैं।
  6. List of states and union territories of India by population
    जनसंख्या के आधार पर भारत के राज्य और संघ क्षेत्र
  7. 81% population of Nepal follow Hindu religion.
    नेपाल के ८१ प्रतिशत नागरिक हिन्दू धर्मावलम्बी।
  8. Can Arabs, who make up one-fifth of Israel's population, be loyal citizens of the Jewish state?
    अरब इजरायली , विरोधाभाषी जीवन
  9. 11% of Agra's population is children less than 6 years.
    आगरा की ११% जनसंख्या ६ वर्ष से नीचे के बच्चों की है।
  10. at that time, Mumbai's population was 21,347,472.
    तभी मुंबई महानगरीय क्षेत्र की जनसंख्या २१३४७४१२ थी।
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  1. the act of populating (causing to live in a place); "he deplored the population of colonies with convicted criminals"
  2. (statistics) the entire aggregation of items from which samples can be drawn; "it is an estimate of the mean of the population"
  3. a group of organisms of the same species inhabiting a given area; "they hired hunters to keep down the deer population"
  4. the people who inhabit a territory or state; "the population seemed to be well fed and clothed"
  5. the number of inhabitants (either the total number or the number of a particular race or class) in a given place (country or city etc.); "people come and go, but the population of this town has remained approximately constant for the past decade"; "the African-American population of Salt Lake City has been increasing"

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