police wagon meaning in Hindi

police wagon sentence in Hindi
पुलिस वैगन
police:    आरक्षी नगर पाल गण
wagon:    डब्बा बोगी वैगन
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  1. The task force suggested equipping each police wagon with a restraint seat.
  2. The mob followed the police wagon as it left the jail.
  3. The line of police wagons bringing them in is over a block long.
  4. :I was taken into a police wagon on the street.
  5. A group of protesters followed the police wagon on foot, protesting and blocking traffic.
  6. An elderly man was handcuffed and dragged on his knees toward a police wagon.
  7. Once the police wagon escaped their grasp, the mob turned back towards South Omaha.
  8. The pig was placed in a police wagon and taken to the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society.
  9. CAR : Replica of a 1929 Ford police wagon.
  10. The group were taken into custody and driven from the residence in caged police wagons.
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  1. van used by police to transport prisoners
    synonyms:, , , ,

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