police van meaning in Hindi

police van sentence in Hindi
पुलिस वैन
police:    आरक्षी नगर पाल गण
van:    डिब्बा मालगाड़ी
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  1. The newspaper said some 10 people were pushed into a police van.
  2. The beating continued even after they were forced into a police van.
  3. Several demonstrators were injured by a police van speeding through the crowd.
  4. After his speech, Hale was whisked away in an unmarked police van.
  5. The besieged Milan fans returned home in police vans several hours later.
  6. Once inside a police van, the three men could be heard yelling.
  7. The two Israelis were brought to court in two separate police vans.
  8. Martin was later brought back to the courthouse in a police van.
  9. Armored police vans fired hundreds, perhaps thousands of volleys of tear gas.
  10. Demonstrators burned a police van and motorcycle and ransacked a police guardhouse.
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  1. van used by police to transport prisoners
    synonyms:, , , ,

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