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ध्रुव कोशिका
pole:    खंभा चोब पोल छड़
cell:    बिल कुटीर बैटरी
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  1. They touch each other, and the pole cells at their vertices.
  2. Gcl is necessary ( but not sufficient ) for pole cell formation.
  3. The pole cells are internalized by a different route.
  4. This path was touched on above regarding the set of 8 non-meridian ( equatorial ) and pole cells.
  5. The germ line segregates from the somatic cells through the formation of pole cells at the posterior end of the embryo.
  6. After the 10th division, the pole cells form at the posterior end of the embryo, segregating the germ line from the syncytium.
  7. Drosophila progeny with mutations in these genes fail to produce pole cells and are thus sterile, giving these mutations the name'grandchildless '.
  8. Nanos is required to prevent mitosis and somatic differentiation and for the pole cells to migrate to function as PGCs ( see next section ).
  9. The remainder of the male reproductive system is derived from embryonic mesoderm, except for the germ cells, or spermatogonia, which descend from the primordial pole cells very early during embryogenesis.
  10. This latter subset of eight non-meridian and pole cells has the same relative position to each other as the cells in a tesseract ( 8-cell ), although they touch at their vertices instead of their faces.
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