polaroid camera meaning in Hindi

polaroid camera sentence in Hindi
पोलरॉइड कैमरा
polaroid:    धूप की तीव्रता कम
camera:    गुप्त कक्ष एकांत
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  1. That's nearly five times the price of batteries for the Polaroid camera.
  2. Use a Polaroid camera to take a picture for each child's frame.
  3. As noted above, the Impossible Project produces instant film for Polaroid cameras.
  4. If you do not own a Polaroid camera, make a pencil sketch.
  5. According to yourdictionary . com a land camera is a Polaroid camera.
  6. _When dress shopping, take along an honest friend and a Polaroid camera.
  7. In another, O'Leary took revealing photographs of him with a Polaroid camera.
  8. Digital cameras and Polaroid cameras both produce images on the spot.
  9. Polaroid sponsored parties for OutKast, where Euro RSCG distributed Polaroid cameras.
  10. OutKast made a deal to hold Polaroid cameras during some of its performances.
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