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  1. Billington executed serial poisoner Thomas Neill Cream on 15 November 1892.
  2. Political correctness is a danger, a poisoner of language.
  3. Back at Lockhaven, Abagail the poisoner has been killed.
  4. As a skilled poisoner, she is fully capable of the deed.
  5. "The Young Poisoner's Handbook"
  6. Despite a three-year investigation, police have not traced the poisoner.
  7. The poisoner is therefore someone in her own home.
  8. While back home in Lockhaven a poisoner is afoot!
  9. She pointed out Dreux as her regular client in her capacity of poisoner.
  10. The party's webmaster, Stuart " Parish Poisoner " Estell did likewise.


  1. someone who kills with poison

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