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अंक प्रणाली
द्‍वि-बिंदु विधि
point:    दरजा स्थल अन्तरीप
method:    संचार कायदा क्रम
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  1. Besides having polynomial time complexity, interior-point methods are also effective in practice.
  2. Von Neumann's algorithm was the first interior point method of linear programming.
  3. Well, score one _ a big one _ for the fine-point method.
  4. A major breakthrough in convex optimization lies in the introduction of interior-point methods.
  5. There exist efficient numerical techniques for minimizing convex functions, such as interior-point methods.
  6. Since Karmarkar's discovery, many interior-point methods have been proposed and analyzed.
  7. Affine scaling is one of the oldest interior point methods to be developed.
  8. These are supplemented for large problems and quadratic programming problems by interior point methods.
  9. He is a specialist in interior point methods, especially in convex minimization and linear programming.
  10. Each program was based on Charles Allen's 4-point method of Preparation, Presentation, Application, and Testing.
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