pocket beach meaning in Hindi

pocket beach sentence in Hindi

कोटरमय पुलिन
pocket:    बस्ती बोरा
beach:    तीर पुलिन बालू-तट
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  1. Wide pocket beaches and tombolos are common along sectors with abundant rocky erosional remnants and stacks.
  2. Artificial pocket beaches are usually constructed in areas where natural beaches are fairly narrow or absent.
  3. Many natural pocket beaches exist throughout the world.
  4. Pocket beaches can be natural or artificial.
  5. The park can be seen by rented Jeep or foot, and has pocket beaches for private swimming and picnics.
  6. The reserve encompasses a pocket beach, seasonal lagoon, wetlands, and coastal prairie on the western edge of the city of Santa Cruz.
  7. The eastern coastline of Hinchinbrook Island is punctuated with headland outcrops, incised drainage conduits, forest, secluded sandy pocket beaches and sand dunes.
  8. Additionally, there have been many pocket beaches constructed in the Caribbean where resorts have been developed along rocky shorelines with minimal natural beaches.
  9. The coastal front development combined with beach erosion in the 1980s resulted in beach protection with detached breakwaters creating a series of pocket beaches.
  10. Birch Point is known for scenic views of Penobscot Bay as well as its crescent-shaped sand beach, known geologically as a " pocket beach . " The park offers swimming, fishing, and picnicking.
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