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effect:    परिणाम प्रभात
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  1. The encoded regions become optically active due to the Pockels effect.
  2. These are the Pockels effect and Kerr effect, respectively.
  3. These are the Pockels effect and Kerr effects, respectively.
  4. Whether or not the material will exhibit Pockels effect depends on its symmetry.
  5. Where the relationship is linear, the effect is known as the Pockels effect.
  6. This phenomenon is now called the Pockels effect.
  7. In media that lack inversion symmetry, the Kerr effect is generally masked by the much stronger Pockels effect.
  8. The Kerr effect is still present, however, and in many cases can be detected independently of Pockels effect contributions.
  9. Friedrich, who then studied at the University of G�ttingen, was a famous scientist himself; he is known for the Pockels effect.
  10. These are photoconductivity, first observed in selenium by Willoughby Smith in 1873, and the Pockels Effect, named after Friedrich Carl Alwin Pockels who studied it in 1893.
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