pneumatic hammer meaning in Hindi

pneumatic hammer sentence in Hindi

वातीय घन
वातीय दुरमुठ
pneumatic:    वातिल वातीय वायवी
hammer:    दिमाग में गड़ा
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  1. In the process of chasing Mickey and Minnie, Pete has an pneumatic hammer.
  2. They took with them recovery equipment, including pneumatic hammers, Leendertse said.
  3. They took with them recovery equipment, including pneumatic hammers, the Foreign Ministry said.
  4. The earliest cultures used abrasive techniques, and modern technology employs pneumatic hammers and other devices.
  5. It competed in BattleBots in the middleweight division using a fast pneumatic hammer as its weapon.
  6. In contrast to the cam-type hammer drill, a rotary / pneumatic hammer drill accelerates only the bit.
  7. That's the equivalent of a pneumatic hammer, Anthony Wootton wrote in " Insects of the World ."
  8. Earlier, 21 German earthquake relief specialists headed to Algeria with search dogs and recovery equipment, including pneumatic hammers.
  9. Employing hand-held and pneumatic hammers, he beats the aluminum until it assumes the shape of the wood or rock.
  10. Using a pear shaped mallet and sandbag to stretch the sheet metal ( pneumatic hammer or power hammer is faster still.
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  1. a hammer driven by compressed air

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