plow meaning in Hindi

[ plau ] sound:
plow sentence in Hindi
• हल
• खेत जोतना
• टकराना
• अनुत्तीर्ण होना
• हल चलाना
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  1. Melchizedek watched a small ship that was plowing its way out of the port .
    मेल्विजेडेक ने एक छोटे एक छोटे जहांज को बंदरगाह से बाहर जाते हुए देखा ।
  2. May 30, 2011 update :Balyoz keeps rolling along: less than two weeks before the general elections comes news today that Gen. Bilgin Balanlı , commander of the War Academies, has been arrested, making him the highest ranking active duty officer yet hauled off to prison. More broadly, 29 out of approximately 300 flag officers are under arrest. The deprivation of liberty of the 250 detained defendants in the Balyoz or Sledgehammer cases is arbitrary. … Consequent upon the opinion rendered, the Working Group requests the Government of Turkey to remedy the situation of these 250 persons in accordance with the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Working Group considers that, taking into account all the circumstances of the case, an adequate remedy would be an enforceable right to compensation. Aug. 5, 2013 update : Despite the weakness and fraud of its case, the AKP government has plowed ahead and today pronounced prison sentences in the other plot, the Ergenekon one dating from 2007. It includes top military officers, opposition politicians, and journalists. As Hürriyet Daily News summarizes the case, “A total of 275 suspects, 66 of them under arrest, were awaiting rulings this morning. Some 33 indictments have been submitted in the course of the Ergenekon trials, which saw over 130 witnesses testify at hearings.” The most spectacular piece of news is the life sentence given the former chief of general staff, İlker Başbuğ, but the list is a long and severe one. An excerpt from the Hürriyet Daily News article: Journalist Tuncay Özkan, retired general Veli Küçük and lawyer Kemal Kerinçsiz were sentenced to aggravated life sentences. Özkan was also sentenced to an additional 16 years. Workers' Party leader Doğu Perinçek received aggravated life sentence and an additional 30 years in prison. Retired colonel Fikri Karadağ and retired general Hasan Ataman Yıldırım also received aggravated life sentences. Retired General Hurşit Tolon was sentenced to life in prison while another retired General Levent Ersöz was sentenced to 22 years six months. The court handed down life sentences to the retired generals Hasan Iğsız and Nusret Taşdelen, as well as retired colonel Fuat Selvi. … Writer Yalçın Küçük was also sentenced to 22 years and six months in prison. On similar charges, the court sentenced former head of the Higher Education Board of Turkey (YÖK) Kemal Gürüz to 13 years and 11 months, historian Mehmet Perinçek, who is the son of Doğu Perinçek, to six years, and alleged mob leader Sedat Peker was given a 10 year sentence. Former North Sea Field Commander Mehmet Otuzbiroğlu was sentenced to 20 years and 6 months. Journalist Erol Manisalı was sentenced to nine years. Author Ergün Poyraz was handed down a 29 years and four months sentence while journalist Güler Kömürcü was sentenced to seven years and six months. Workers' Party (İP) executives Hayrettin Ertekin was sentenced to 16 years, Hikmet Çiçek was sentenced to 21 years and nine months. The party's lawyer Emcet Olcaytu received 13 years and two months. Former rectors Ferit Bernay and Mustafa Abbas were each sentenced to ten years in prison. … Former police chief Adil Serdar Saçan was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Former mayor Gürbüz Çapan received one year. Comment : Seen in the light of June's Gezi Park demonstrations, these sentences imply that Erdoğan is further doubling down to discredit, marginalize, and criminalize his political opponents. It's not a tactic that will end well for him. Related Topics: Turkey and Turks receive the latest by email: subscribe to daniel pipes' free mailing list This text may be reposted or forwarded so long as it is presented as an integral whole with complete and accurate information provided about its author, date, place of publication, and original URL. Comment on this item
    तुर्की का इस्लामी मह्त्व इस बात की ओर संकेत करता है इस संकट का सभी मुसलमानों के लिये मह्त्व है। एकेपी द्वारा सेना पर इस्लामवादी नियंत्रण का अर्थ है कि वे उम्मा के सर्वाधिक शक्तिशाली सेक्युलर संस्थान को नियंत्रित कर रहे है और कुछ क्षणों के लिये ऐसा प्रतीत होता है कि उन्हें रोक पाना कठिन है। लेकिन यदि सेना अपनी स्वतंत्रता बचा पाती है तो अतातुर्क का विचार मुस्लिम समाज में जीवित रहेगा विश्वस्तर पर मुसलमानों के लिये व्यापक इस्लामवाद के लिये एक विकल्प मिल सकेगा।


  1. a farm tool having one or more heavy blades to break the soil and cut a furrow prior to sowing
  1. act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression; "This book deals with incest"; "The course covered all of Western Civilization"; "The new book treats the history of China"
    synonyms:, , , ,
  2. to break and turn over earth especially with a plow; "Farmer Jones plowed his east field last week"; "turn the earth in the Spring"
  3. move in a way resembling that of a plow cutting into or going through the soil; "The ship plowed through the water"

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