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  1. It is also possible to work directly with non-orientable manifolds, but this gives some extra complications : it may be necessary to cut along projective planes and Klein bottles as well as spheres and tori, and manifolds with a projective plane boundary component usually have no geometric structure.
  2. The transformation transforms the equations of axisymmetric boundary layer with external velocity U in terms of original variables x, y, u, v into the equations of plane boundary layer with external velocity \ bar { U } in terms of the new variables \ bar { x }, \ bar { y }, \ bar { u }, \ bar { v }.
  3. Chapters outline basic theorems in dynamic elasticity, representation of seismic sources, elastic waves from a point dislocation, plane waves in homogeneous media and their reflection and transmission at a plane boundary, reflection and refraction of spherical waves; Lamb's problem, surface waves in a vertically heterogeneous medium, free oscillations of the Earth, body waves in media with depth-dependent properties, the seismic source : kinematics, the seismic source : dynamics, and principles of seismometry

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