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  1. The most studied of the photoreceptors in plants is phytochrome.
  2. Plants use phytochrome to detect red and far red light.
  3. Plants make use of the phytochrome system to sense day length or photoperiod.
  4. Butler was also responsible for the name, phytochrome.
  5. Geotropic reaction is regulated by light ( more exactly by phytochrome action ).
  6. The phytochrome apoprotein is synthesized in the Pr form.
  7. In plants, bilins also serve as the photopigments of the photoreceptor protein phytochrome.
  8. A fragment of a bacterial phytochrome now has a solved three-dimensional protein structure.
  9. Among those sensors is phytochrome, a pigment that is sensitive to certain wavelengths of red light.
  10. Phytochromes B E are more stable with phyB, the main phytochrome in seedlings grown in the light.

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